Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 15: Old Habits, New System

I'm selling my car. I'm sure someone can tie this into theism some how, perhaps someone more clever than I. Oh, I have an idea... absence of logic.
One thing I don't like is negotiating. Well, I wouldn't say that I would never negotiate anything, but when the word "worth" is relative to the buyer, not the consumer, I'd rather let the market take care of itself. So I put my car up for reverse auction.
I get a call today. "Is your car for sale?" Now come on. It's in the front yard by the road and the pricing information, deficiencies and phone number is there. Where'd they get the number? From a tree at a park where my ex took a butter knife and carved in my number with the phrase "for a good time call?" Where was Jeff Foxworthy? So a moment later he asks "What if I pay with cash?" What? Is there something different about cash value as compared to EFT or various style checks? I told him the price for this week and then for next, asking him if he knew what a reverse auction was (it was posted inside the windsheild). Then he asks me again "will you come down if I pay with cash?" No. What's the dealio?

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