Thursday, November 19, 2009

Testing God

It is clear to me that God cannot and should not be tested.
1. By it's design (the supernatural), it is currently impossible to test the existence of God. We cannot use current technology which is developed in a natural environment to test supernatural entities. These environments are incompatible.
2. Christian rhetoric adamantly sustains the stories of Jesus in the dessert for 40 days or when he was asked to change clay into gold. You should not do this. It is wrong to do so, but He may test you. Double standard.
3. It is dangerous. I don't want people playing with snakes and drinking poison (Mark 16:16-18) or bashing their children against the rocks (Psalms 137:9) because of their faith.

Aside from this, disappointment exists of those who are accused of picking and choosing through the Bible. Folks, I think you should pick and choose. Be skeptical and cautious. Dogma is dangerous.

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  1. it is
    if you bust them for "too", you better be squeaky clean.