Monday, August 3, 2009

Day 17: Undermining Intelligence

Family recently got together for brunch. Some were from out of town so it was an opportunity to catch up. One of the topics mentioned was the tornado that went through Napanee. The tornado's path crossed over some guys car at work. He had intended to leave before the incident, but decided to go back inside due to the weather to phone his wife.
Now, I'm careful about my use of the word "zealot", but I feel that it's appropriate in this case. It was mentioned that this guy saw the clouds, was aware of the rapidly changing weather, and decided it was in his best interest to head inside and phone his wife. I call this common sense, or intelligence, not "God's hand." There's no miracle here, it's just chance. And if he died, I probably would have called it natural selection. It seems that the zealot here doesn't feel complete unless they insert the word "God" into every instance where chance and natural phenomena meet.

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